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What is Local SEO?

Before we explore local seo in more detail, please watch this informative video for an introduction to local seo, and how we can use it to help you drive customers to your website.

The best approach to illustrate what local Search engine optimisation is to put forward a typical scenario and you will recognise whether or not your business or website should be making use of it. In short, when you’re a business situated within a city or town and your target customers are local busnessess or people then you most definitely (see one size does not fit all below) require a local SEO service.

Think of the search engines such as Google and Bing as a way of finding a instant, best fit, answer; in other words their goal is to give the people who are utilising them the best possible and most relevant search results for the questions which they are being asked. With this in mind if someone using one of these search engines types in a phrase which describes or hints that they are looking for information with regard to goods or services that you might be searching for locally to the area in which you are currently in, then Google or Bing will give you back the most best matched search results meant for those terms.

Generally this might include geographical references such as “Warrington” or “Wigan” in the search terms. For instance if you are searching for a builder in Wigan you might type in “Wigan Builder” or “Builder Wigan” and you may receive results similar to this:


wigan search pages

The results in the image are local results, don’t confuse these with paid (Pay Per Click) or organic results. Local Search engine optimisation results are organic as well but they are however more aimed at giving the user the most relevant local result rather than a national one.

Searching is about an intent

Search engines employ sophisticated formulae to figure out precisely what your intentions are when you search. In the example we carried out earlier if you are logged into Google when you perform your search then omitting the bit of the phrase that references the location, i.e. “Wigan”, and if you were to enter the search simply for “builders” or something similar, the search engine would bring back those local services instead based on the location which you are currently in.

Search engines want to return the most effective end result for the user and so they try to decide what you imply when you type anything into them. Try it for yourself. Try typing in the word “installers” – by the way you don’t have to do it with the quotes – and then you will notice that the results will typically be for window or shop fitters and installers. The same is true if you try the search from your mobile phone when you are not at home – the results will reflect the place you are searching from.

What We Can Do For You

If you are a local business and you target local customers then local SEO might be for you. We can enroll you with Google and Bing places. By doing this we are telling the search engines that your business is a local one and that your business targets people and businesses locally to yourself. This is our first step, after this we will work our magic to showcase your online business to the most relevant sections found on the Internet on your behalf this makes sure people are presented with the best local search results and that your business is prominently placed near the top of these results. Of course, when we do this it also gives you back links to your website which means you will climb in the organic search results too, this may attract people from further afield to your business that you may not have previously considered.


One Size Does Not Fit All


Seo Wigan have worked with enough customers to know that even though you may want to target local customers you may not actually want your home address to be made public. This may be true for a number of reasons, we totally get this and you would like to keep this information private. This is ok, we have many other tactics which we will be happy to undertake for you in order to ensure that you target the specific audience that you want. Please contact us so we can talk about how we can help you.

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