"SEO Wigan are expert online marketers with years of experience."

Based in Wigan (UK) we offer search engine optimisation (SEO) services to clients around the world. We rank websites looking for customers from a small geographical location, right up to multi-national companies who's customers are all over the world.

Why Are Good Rankings So Important?

In order for a website to generate sales it needs high volumes of traffic, which is just another way of saying visitors to your website. Many companies invest large sums of money building great looking websites, but then they don't become the marketing asset they should because they simply don't attract any visitors.

A great way to attract lots of potential customers to your websites is for them to rank highly on search engines like google and Bing.

SEO Wigan will use tried and tested methods to boost your website up the search engine rankings to drive more traffic and generate more sales from your website.

But How Do We Do This?

Our approach is totally bespoke to the needs of our customers. At the core of everything we do however is a belief in delivering high quality work and maintaining the integrity of our customers websites at all time. Once we understand exactly what you're hoping to achieve, we formulate a marketing plan that delivers exactly what your business needs.

SEO Is Evolving

In the early days of SEO, ranking websites was a simple process of linking lots of sites together and sending those links to a website. However, in 2014 things are very different and a much more diverse approach is required.

This diverse approach is actually a positive feature of internet marketing if approached correctly, because it offers exciting new opportunities to market a business beyond the search engines.

Here are some of the many services that we offer in order to effectively market your business online..

 Business Audit and Fact Find

Before any kind of marketing can begin, we need understand more about the products and services your business offers. We then like to build a profile of your ideal client so that we can target them with laser accuracy. It's also helpful for us to understand who your competitors are and what they're doing to attract new business.

We then take a closer look at your website to see if there are any errors that the search engines will see when they crawl your website.

 Keyword Analysis and Optimization

This is possibly the most important part of the process. A "keyword" is what people type into the search engines in order to find the information they need. For example, someone who's looking for a local plumber might type "plumbers in wigan" into google and this would be the keyword. We can research, with a high degree of accuracy, exactly what your potential clients are typing into google so we know which keywords will bring you the highest amount of new business. After that, there's just the small matter of making sure that your website appears very highly in the search results for those keywords.

  On Page Optimization

Search engines see websites very differently than people do. A good web designer will make a website look fantastic and appealing to the eye. But all too often they overlook what a search engine will see when they crawl the site. On page optimisation is the process of making the content on a website more targeted to the keywords we want to rank for. This is done in a number of ways, but none of the methods we use will impact the user experience or the appearance of the site.

Link Build And Off Page SEO

Once the website is highly optimised for the keywords we've identified we then need to build the authority of the website. Authority is an incredibly important factor in boosting search engine rankings. The more authority a website is seen to have in a particular area, the more the search engines will want to rank it more highly.


One of the ways websites are seen to have authority is if other websites link to them. These are like votes of confidence and can significantly improve search engine rankings if good links can be created from other websites.


The other very important factor for improved search engine rankings is the relevancy of a website to the keyword. The search engine needs to be absolutely sure that your website it relevant to the keyword in order to rank that site. By building links that are highly relevant to your website and the keyword you are trying to rank for it affirms the connection between your website and the keyword to the search engines.


For example, if your website is about fishing tackle then a highly relevant link might come from a website about course fishing methods. A link from a dog training website would not be very relevant and might confuse the search engines about the nature of your website.


Off page SEO and link building is a continual process. Even once high rankings have been achieved, a website will drop back down the rankings if it doesn't maintain its authority status or have new relevant links being made to the site.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing offers a new and highly exciting method of attracting new customers. The internet is full of communities of people who are socialising, networking, giving advice, seeking help and even falling in love! Some of these social media sites, such as facebook and youtube have grown to gargantuan sizes. Forward thinking businesses are taking advantage of these powerful media types to market their businesses and attract new customers.

Whilst the search engines still command a lot of respect for online marketing, social media marketing is fast becoming a competitor in terms of the potential it offers businesses around the world. An intelligent marketing strategy includes a mixture of search engine and social media marketing.

SEO Repair Service

SEO Wigan offer very high quality SEO Services to local businesses. However, not all SEO companies offer the same quality work, and unfortunately poor SEO practices can be very harmful to a website indeed. In fact, in some cases Google can completely de-index a website that has been performing low quality seo practices.

Because we've seen so many examples of this, we've developed a unique SEO repair service where we'll unwind all the harmful work done on your website and restore it to it's former glory.

 Copywriting and Blogging

Another hugely important factor that the search engines look for is high quality, fresh and engaging content. To confirm the quality of the content, they look at a number of factors, such as how many people are liking and sharing the content using social media, and how many times people link to that content from their own websites.

We can write incredibly high quality content for you that people in your industry will want to read. We will then promote it for you and make sure the right people see it. Before too long, this content will be being talked about all around the internet. This "word of mouth" style marketing is just as effective online as it is offline and can bring floods of new customers to any business.

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